135 teaching hours of tango theory and practice with simultaneous translation - English/Spanish.

Visits to see typical Tango shows and concerts.

Gala closing performance: Awarding of Certificates

Accommodation in quadruple rooms (14 nights), argentine breakfast included

Transport Buenos Aires-Mar del Plata-Buenos Aires included


This is an intensive seminar for tango teachers, embracing both the theory and practice of tango dance, tango music and tango history. It aims at developing a sound tango teaching methodology.
Its practical and theoretical modules complement each other and will be conducted by acclaimed master teachers. Classes will be held in Spanish and English.
The recent growth of international tango as a culture phenomenon spawning "milongas", shows and tango schools in various countries, has given rise to needs that make this project crucial:

• The need to study tango holistically as a dance and its environment as a sociocultural phenomenon, to understand its aesthetic and its teaching methodology.
• The need to realise tango-related social and artistic events: “milongas”, shows, championships in conventional and unconventional venues and in its original setting as a reference point for its adaptation to other communities (transculturisation).