Geraldine and Ezequiel Paludi
Artistic Direction / Tango- Dance

el Paludi born on 09.07.1974


Geraldine and Ezequiel

They debuted together in Corrientes Street with Carlos Perciavale, Cecilia Milone, Gustavo Moro and other famous actors and singers in the show Corrientes Esquina Glamour produced by Gerardo Sofovich, during summer 2005/6. In 2006 they toured Asia and Europe performing at international Festivals and with Forever Tango. They are producers and directors of Trasnoche Tangueril together with José Colángelo, Ariel Ardit and others. They currently direct Tangueriles, a tango bar with shows and other activities related to the night and tango.

Geraldine Rojas born on 06.07.1981
Started her professional career in 1994.
Major performances:

Dinner-Shows Michelangelo; Casablanca; La Cumparsita; Esquina Carlos Gardel; Caballito Blanco
Companies: Raúl Lavié, Juanjo Domínguez, Japan, Gloria and Eduardo, Japan
Films: The Man who Captured Heishman; Assassination Tango; Je ne suis pas là pour être aimé
International festivals: Taiwan, Italy, France, Germany, Holland, Greece, Sweden, Switzerland, Korea, Japan.

Ezequiel Paludi born on 09.07.1974

Started his professional career in 2000.
Major performances:

Dinner-Shows, La Ventana; El Querandí; Piazzolla Tango
Companies: Forever Tango; Francisco Calo
Films: video clip of Bersuit Vergarabat live at Luna Park, Buenos Aires, in 2004
International festivals: France, Germany, Holland, Switzerland, Sweden, Italy, Turkey, Taiwan, Moscow, Detroit, Chicago, Costa Rica, Nicaragua.
Directed shows and classes at Holiday Inn, Abasto, Buenos Aires, in 2002
Festival Buenos Aires Tango Milonga al aire libre, Luis Salinas, Juanjo Domínguez
Created Tangueriles, a tango bar and venue for classes and concerts.




Gloria and Eduardo Arquimbau
Tango- Dance

Gloria and Eduardo – “Ciudadanos Ilustres (Distinguished Citizens) of Buenos Aires City”

Dancers and choreographers Gloria and Eduardo Arquimbau were declared “Ciudadanos Ilustres (Distinguished Citizens of Buenos Aires City” for their long and successful career and their contribution to the Argentine Dance, 11 December 2006.

They began working together as youngsters with Francisco Canaro on numerous musicals, and for many years they have been one of the most popular tango dancing couples in the world . They performed with the critically acclaimed musical Tango Argentino from 1985 to 1992. They were choreographers and headliners of the original cast of Forever Tango in San Francisco from 1994 to 1995. With their Japan tours with their shows Tango, Tango and Corazon de Tango, they paved the way for many shows that followed.

They are one of the legendary couples in Tango history. They have been performing for nearly 40 years ...

BUT Eduardo is also one of the great milongueros of his generation--the guys who grew up dancing in the milongas in the early-mid 1950s. He is one of the teachers most responsible for the worldwide popularity of "club" style tango (or milonguero style, confiteria style, close embrace, apilado--whatever your preferred term is). Eduardo has taught this style, which is once again the predominant style in today's crowded milongas of Buenos Aires, all over the world. The style is very rhythmic, very close and very fun.


José Colangelo
Tango- Music

Only some of the names, Maestro Colangelo have worked with:
Fernando Suárez Paz, Juan de Dios Filiberto, Julio Sosa , Leopoldo Federico , Aníbal Troilo

Los Dinzel

Gloria and Rodolfo Dinzel

Since 1972 Gloria and Rodolfo Dinzel – dancers and choreographers – have been dancing together as the acclaimed tango couple “Los Dinzel”. They developed traditional and folkloric techniques and toured the world with the Tango Argentino show. Looking back on over 30 years of experience in tango teaching and research, they are the authors of El Tango. Una Danza. Esa ansiosa búsqueda de la libertad – Tango, an Anxious Quest for Freedom – (translated into English, German, Italian and French) and El Tango. Una Danza. Sistema Dinzel de Notación Coreográfica – Tango. The Dinzel System of Choreographic Notation.

Members of the National Tango Academy, they are also Chairs of the Dance Department of the Universidad del Tango – Buenos Aires Tango University.

Today, they continue their successful career as dancers, choreographers, teachers and researchers of tango dance in Argentina and world-wide.

Oscar del Priore
Tango- History

Oscar del Priore
11.02.1944 – Buenos Aires - Argentina

At an early age he won the Odol Pregunta Prize on the most important quiz show on Argentinean television from 1960 to 1963, answering questions about tango, and since then he has been working in all areas related to the music of Buenos Aires.

He holds a degree from the ISER College for TV and Broadcasting Stations and has been a radio and television presenter since 1973.
His programme A través del Tango (“Through the Tango”) has been running on Radio municipal, Buenos Aires’ official broadcasting station, since 1973.
He also contributed to shows at El Viejo Almacén, one of the most famous tango show venues in Buenos Aires.
Head of the Music Department of the radio broadcasting station FM Tango from its inception to the present, and partner of the Solo Tango Channel from its foundation to the present.

One of the founding members of the Academia Nacional del Tango (National Tango Academy) and of the Orquesta de Tango de Buenos Aires (Buenos Aires Tango Orchestra); he is also a member of the Academia Porteña del Lunfardo.

Founder, director and teacher of the Universidad de Tango de Buenos Aires (Buenos Aires Tango University).
Has produced records for several companies and written music reviews for magazines and literary collections; at present he works for El Tangauta and Tango XXI.
Collector of many recordings, publications and tango films, he himself starred in the movie En un viejo almacén del Paseo Colón (In an Old Grocery Store on Paseo Colón).
He has delivered many lectures in Argentina and world-wide and his book El tango de Villoldo a Piazzolla, is an outstanding reference work.

Norma Raimondi
Idea and Concept

Norma Raimondi
– 01.09.1947 – Buenos Aires-Argentina

Norma Raimondi At the age of 19 she completes her training with a degree as a qualified ballet and modern dance instructor at the National Dance Academy of her native city of Buenos Aires. In Córdoba the dancer later founds the Centro de Estudios de la Danza and draws attention with award-winning choreographies. Appointed by Córdoba University, she founds the first college for dance and choreography and directs the Workshop Ballet of Córdoba University.

Four years later, Norma Raimondi travels to Germany for the first time, having won a scholarship from the Goethe Institute and the International Theatre Institute of the Dance Forum of Cologne Opera house. After further activities as the head of a dance company in Cologne she decides to remain in the city and starts the group CoinciDanceCoeln in 1993.

In 1996, together with her husband Raúl Quiroga, she founds Die Gewölbe Kölns and Don Tango Club, where she is in charge of management and teaching.

2000 – Creation of Dimensión Tango, a show with 20 Argentinean artists on stage.

2001 – Debut and artistic tour of Dimensión Tango through 20 German cities.

2003 – Deutsche Oper am Rhein engages her to perform in Theater Konzert, a play by Argentinean musician Mauricio Kagel directed by Christoph Nedel, at the opera houses of Duisburg and Düsseldorf.
Co-organisation of the First International Guitar Meeting (artistic direction: Quique Sinesi), under the auspices of the Argentinean Embassy in Berlin, Germany, and the Argentine ministry of external relations.

2005 – Head of Don Tango Club e.V.

1999 / 2006 – Guest teacher at:
Volkshochschule Aachen
Academy for Media Arts Cologne
Alanus University of Arts Bonn

Graciela Angiorama
Simultaneous Translation (Spanish-English)




Graciela Angiorama- born on 12.04.50 in Vedia, Buenos Aires
Teacher and translator

She graduated as an English translator from Universidad del Salvador (Del Salvador University) in 1975.
She specialises in teaching English as a foreign language in Argentina and world-wide and, as a certified NLP practitioner, benefits from her vast experience in Superlearning and Neurolinguistic Programming.
She is also a free-lance writer/ translator with over 30 years of experience in teaching English and translation.
At present, she translates research papers for specialist magazines, journals, books and international congresses (medicine, history, archaeology) and organises workshops for English teachers based on her book Translation Workshop - a practical guide for teaching text comprehension and translation.


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